Jessica L.

 I couldn't believe the difference I felt after 1 lymphatic treatment. I'm a working mom of 2 and sleep is not something that happens well for me. I am sleeping better, feeling more refreshed and my energy levels are starting to increase. 

Alysha E.

There is no better place in the Toledo area when you are looking to heal your body from the inside out! Debbie is a wealth of knowledge who strives to get her clients to their healthiest selves. The lymphatic treatments have helped me tremendously when I am suffering from sinus issues and her Reiki sessions are so relaxing. I always walk out feeling better than when I came in!

Linda K

 I have been a client of Debbie Wilkins for many years and I highly recommend the many services she provides. My favorite though, that she first introduced me to, was to have lymphatic treatments, using a machine called the Lymphstar Pro. I had been plagued with Chronic Lyme Disease when I first met her and she suggested I give this at least a try. The joint pain and inflammation was debilitating my quality of life and I was skeptical anything was going to work. Truth be told, I am not sure where I would be today if I hadn't given this a try. She was right! After the first treatment, Wow! I was able to move my arms without heaviness and throbbing joint pain throughout my body. I continued to see her with a few additional treatments and I was amazed what was happening to my body each time. I am so grateful for her. She provides such a comfortable professional environment and she is packed with knowledge and really cares about her patients, truly a win win for us all. 

Bonnie G


I am a breast cancer survivor; it took a lot of help from a team of people to bring me to survivor status. Debra Wilkins is one of those people. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Valentine’s Day 2011; I began chemo the following week. The four months of chemo was followed by a double mastectomy, and six weeks later I went through seven weeks of radiation. When I healed from the radiation, I was still exhausted and the skin on my chest felt like it was stuck to my bones and hurt if I tried to move it. I was also beginning to get swelling in my left arm as well as neuropathy in both hands and feet.

Deb Wilkins was introduced to me as someone who did Lymphatic drainage. Deb explained that my Lymphatic system went through a lot as I had lost 23 lymph nodes during surgery, and the chemo also affected that system as well. The method Deb used perked up my body; I was no longer exhausted. I also had less swelling in my left arm as a result and the neuropathy lessened.

Deb also used cups to move the skin on my chest. It took a couple treatments a week over a month to bring that skin back to original elasticity. 

I occasionally continue to see Deb to recharge my system.